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Synthetic Mica Tape(For Cable)

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Mica-Store.com is a professional supplier of all mica related mica pruducts including mica tape, mica plate, mica tube and mica die-cuts, our product is mainly used in the cable, heater, motor, communicator, furnace and other applications. Our quality of mica product will be perfect because we use the mica scraps from Sri Lanka, whick has the top quality mica scraps of the world.


Synthetic Mica Tape

synthetic mica tape is also named fluorophlogopite mica tape which is for fire-resistant cable be made of the heat resistant synthetic mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth or PE film as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicon resin. For the excellent flame resisting characteristics, it has been widely used for power and control cables, instrumentation and signaling cables etc. Due to the very high flexibility and high tensile strength ,this tape can be easily applied with high speed standard wrapping equipment.

Item Unit G+M PE+M G+M+G PE+M+G
Thickness mm 0.11±0.015 0.12±0.015 0.14±0.015 0.13±0.015
Total Weight g/m^2 145±10 160±10 200±10 105±10
Mica Content g/m^2 90±5 120±5 125±5 130±5
Glass Content g/m^2 32±3 - 70±3 32±3
PE film Content g/m^2 - 24±3 - 24±3
Bond Content g/m^2 23±3 15±3 25±3 25±3
Dielectric Strength Kv/layer >1.2 >2.5 >1.5 >1.6
Tensile Strength N/cm >120 >110 >140 >120
Stiffness N/m <50 <55 <60 <60
Shelf Life - at least 1 year at room temp.
Not all the structure of mica tape been listed, please request detail from our sales.

Width: from 4.5-1000mm
Length: 500m-20000m
Standard cores: 76mm,120mm
Note: The values noted in above technical specification are given only for our customers’ reference and should not be used in writing specifications.

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