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Rigid Mica Plate (Mica Sheet)

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Mica-Store.com is a professional supplier of all mica related mica pruducts including mica tape, mica plate, mica tube and mica die-cuts, our product is mainly used in the cable, heater, motor, communicator, furnace and other applications. Our quality of mica product will be perfect because we use the mica scraps from Sri Lanka, whick has the top quality mica scraps of the world.


Rigid Mica Plate

Rigid mica plate for heater consist of approximately 90% muscovite mica paper or phlogopite mica paper, impregnated with high temperature resistant silicone resin, it is used as supporting insulation for resisting wire heating elements in electric toasters, hair dryers, irons ,curlers, electric hot combs, strip heaters , baseboard heaters and for gaskets and in other appliances and applications where excellent resistance to moisture, and thermal, mechanical. and electrical properties are required.

Item Unit Muscovite Phlogopite
Thickness mm 0.15~2.0 0.15~2.0
Tolerance mm ±0.03~±0.05 ±0.03~±0.05
Density g/cm^3 2.05~2.15 2.05~2.15
Heating loss % ≤1.0 ≤0.6
Heating grade ≥550 ≥950
Flexural strength kgf/mm^2 ≥23 ≥20
Dielectric strength Kv/mm >25 >20
Not all the structure of mica tape been listed, please request detail from our sales.

Sheet size:1000m x 600mm, 1000mm x 1200mm
Note: The values noted in above technical specification are given only for our customers’ reference and should not be used in writing specifications.

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