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Mica Tape for Cable
>Muscovite Mica Tape
>Phlogopite Mica Tape
>Synthetic Mica Tape
Poor Resin Mica Tape For VPI
>PET Film Mica Tape
>Polyimide Film Mica Tape
>Glass Cloth Mica Tape
>PET Glass Cloth Mica Tape
Mica Plate for Heater
>Rigid Mica Sheet
>Flexible Mica Sheet
Mica Sheet for Communicator
Mica Block for Furnace
Mica Tube
Mica Parts, Mica Die-Cut

COMPANY BRIEF is a professional supplier of all mica related mica pruducts including mica tape, mica plate, mica tube and mica die-cuts, our product is mainly used in the cable, heater, motor, communicator, furnace and other applications. Our quality of mica product will be perfect because we use the mica scraps from Sri Lanka, whick has the top quality mica scraps of the world.


Cable Solutions

Cable Solutions
We offer solution of all kind of fire proof cable by mica tape, we have muscovice mica tape, phlogopite mica tape and synthetic mica tape, we alsi have different structure of compound with glass cloth, PE film at sigle or double sides. The mica tape can protect the cable work more time in high temperature from degree 800C~1100C. Due to the very high flexibility and high tensile strength ,this tape can be easily applied with high speed standard wrapping equipment. We can offer narrow tape as 4mm at long length.

VPI Solutions

VPI Solutions (Vacuum Pressure Impregnating)
The stator of motor especially the high voltage DC motor need the VPI process together with impregnate resin compatible with the mica and thus be solidified into mica tape after that that to protect the safe working of the motor. We offer the mica tape of VPI for different grade of motor with different reinforcing material like PET film, glass cloth and Kapton tape. We also used 2 of the material as reinforced part to get the supper properties. The tape will both have the advantage of PET and glass cloth.

Mica Parts

Heat Insulation Solutions
You can easily find the mica part made of mica plate(mica sheet) easily from the home electrical machine like heaters, hair dryers, electric irons, microwave oven. You can also find that there are mica washers in the motors, swichboard and transformers. This kind washer is made of thick mica sheet by CNC machines. We also use the epoxy mica sheet in making the communicator because this kind mica sheet is much stronger than the silicon resin bound mica plate.

How We Packing the Mica Product
Mica tape for cable usually has length from 2000m~10000m, for the short length we use flat rolls; while for the long length, we use spool rolls.
Mica tape for motor usually has length 30m and 50m, usually we use flat rolls.
Mica plate is always packing in small package then load on the pallets.

Mica Tape Packing
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